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the company under the name of VIZEX payment called and offered my store a debit card machine and service and all that had been done was to talk to a agent over the phone as to the possible switch of me service to there vizex payment but i had asked for them to send me a copy of the merchant application so that i could see if this would be a wise switch for my store when i had received the faxed copy i read through the conditions and right then it was my decision to not go in to a contract with vizex so i faxed it back with do not want written on it not long after the vizex rep called me and when i said that i did not want to switch to them he then told me that to cancel the contract i would have to bay them 75$ which i do not plan to pay as i never told them that i wanted there service so all said it is most definitely a large scam that they run and today who needs this kind of *** as it is hard enough to survive in business

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #594133

dont trust them they lied


Hey guys tangarine is providing very good service for the last 9 months.The rates are really very low,i am paying 1.42 for my master and 1.40 for my visa.


For anyone here having problems with any other merchant services provider in Canada - we have the solution.

My name is Ron Seigel and I'm a Sales Manager with Securus Payments. We offer the lowest rates in Canada and guarantee that they will NEVER increase - period. We don't start you out with teaser rates just to increase the 6 month later. We don't hide fees. We value our clients and don't have to stoop to those levels.

For those that are interested in taking a look at what we have to offer please call me at 613-878-8834 and I'll show you just how much you can save with Securus.


This is really funny, Again the same copy and pasting. Do you guys have time for copying & pasting the same thing.

Great enthusiastics. Try to get a job in some newspaper editing.


I always find it incredible and amazing how people randomly throw in that something is a scam or something of that nature whenever they feel wronged.

The idea that they may be wrong never once crosses their minds.

Let's review your own words written.

"I have faxed it back to her and started to wait for the completed form and for the machines and in meantime I read the fineprints and asked to other competitors to give me an offer."

So let me see if we got this straight, you are waiting for your machine THEN you decide to call the competition?

Let me guess, they told you not to do it,right? Lo and behold, what a surprise! They told you that you can get a better deal? How shocking and surprising that the competition would do that!

I'm not sure what busines you're in but if it's a service or sales business than you would know that this is common practice to tell you how one company or service is better than the other and you should cancel and go with the competition.

So, you just signed without reading a contract? That makes you one sandwhich short of a picnic.

"What I realized is that the rates written on the paper had a small sign + in front which was contradicting what she had told me over the phone."

So you saw a '+' sign , wonderful...did you see a number after that? No...what does that tell you? You don't need a PHD to figure out what that means, there are no other charges.

"No one asked me my Amex merchant number to complete the missing information."

Amex runs on it's own platform, you should know that if you accept Amex. Adding a merchant number right after an application is received is common practice, it is usually done after the fact by the Payment Processing company. Most merchants don't know theirs.I would bet the farm that you didn't know yours.

"The rates are written in a way that consumer can get trapped easily. Despite the fact that I asked repeatedly the rates and she kept repeating the lower rates when I was asking her if she was sure about the rates."

Two things here. First off, what qualifies you to say that rates are written in a way to trap a consumer? Are you a corporate lawyer? Have you read any of the contracts of any of the other competitors you've contacted? Have you ever read a cell phone bill or a heating bill? You say you are a business owner, did you not read your lease or business contract? Try to figure those out. Wait, maybe you just blindly signed that too.

The second point is that you so CLEARLY state that you kept asking for the rates and your rep kept giving you the the lower rates. Where's the problem? That the competition was telling you it's not possible? If it's on paper in black and white then it is what it is. You asked several times the same question and got the same answer, so where were you misled?

The rest of your post is your version of what may have happened. Let's consider this though, when you actually say in not so many words that you got cold feet and called the competition and they tried to earn your business and steal a deal then where do you think your credibility may be at?

I have seen so many consumers just randomly complaining about how they were wronged and how some corporate giant doesn't care about them and so on...I have seen and written way too many contracts to just blindly agree with someone's post whenever they are throwing a hissy fit.

Again, in order to be a business owner you have to fill out contracts of some sort, especially if you need terminals. And feel free to look over your contract with your previous provider, i am betting they are all basically written the same.

I'm not sure what happened with this company and really don't care but it does bother me when people say they signed something, didn't read a contract then called several competitors to shop around. Why not just do it before signing?

And i understand by other posts here that this shouldn't come into consideration but there are several writing and grammar errors which usually indicates the level of sheer common sense one needs to use.

Let this be a lesson for to you, be sure of what you're doing and stop being wishy washy and blaming everyone else for your error in judgement.

Seriuosly, who signs contracts without reading them? Especially a business owner?!?

There are simply too many horror stories of people being misled when it is simply their own fault for being lazy.

There is nothing wrong with shopping around, but you don't buy the first car you see or buy the first house you visit, why sign the first contract you get?

Sorry if i have a hard time believeing your version.Either way, be sure next time you do something.

Greatwood, Texas, United States #215272


I got an unsollicited call from a person called Fatima to send her my current charges with Moneris to see what they can offer me. I have sent it by hiding all the account information etc. 1 week after I received a call from Mya Karonah (aka Saini) offering me better rate than my current provider Moneris from supposedly Tangerine Merchants acting as an independent broker. She really offered a very interesting rate over the phone. She faxed me the papers and called me back right after and after going through the rates she asked me to sign the paper on which she had filled the rates and I had not enough time to read all the fine prints. She mentioned that she will fill the missing information and send it back to me but to speed up the process it would be better if I can return it signed. I have faxed it back to her and started to wait for the completed form and for the machines and in meantime I read the fineprints and asked to other competitors to give me an offer.

What I realized is that the rates written on the paper had a small sign + in front which was contradicting what she had told me over the phone. i.e.: I was supposed to accept Amex and the form has no mention of Amex except for the charges. No one asked me my Amex merchant number to complete the missing information. The rates are written in a way that consumer can get trapped easily. Despite the fact that I asked repeatedly the rates and she kept repeating the lower rates when I was asking her if she was sure about the rates.

I tried to call her back several times but always got an answering machine. I was not able to get the + sign clarified. After 1 week I did not receive a call back from Mya Karonah (SAINI). YesterdayI received a call from another person Reenu Sharma telling me that the papers faxed to them were not accepted by the bank because not readible and she wanted to send them back by email to get them picked up by Fedex once I sign them. I mentioned my concerns and my numerous calls not returned and that I wanted to cancel the application. She said she will pass the message to Mya.

I did not hear anything until I sent an email to her "VP" mentioning the situation and that I wanted to cancel the application. Then I got a call from Mya. At the end, they want to charge me $ 500 x3 because I have 3 small business and needed 3 machines for "Liquidated Damages". I have not received the machines, did not start the service and never received the completed application forms. My mistake was to trust the lady and send her the signed forms half filled.

I have reported this to Better Business Bureau and tomorrow I am calling Consumer Protection Office. There is a serious misrepresentation between what they say over the phone and how they are writing on the documents and how they can use it against you. I have left messages to my bank to inform them to stop any money withdrawal from my account under Tangarine Merchants or Tangarine Payment Solutions. I mentiond clearly to TANGARINE TO CANCEL MY APPLICATION.

They tried hard and threatened me to proceed with the payment of $ 1,500 if I cancel or move forward with the application. I made it very clear that I was asking the cancellation of the application and they can not withdraw money from my bank account.

Really deceiving to see that there are very unscrupulous people ready to "steal", and do misrepresentation to trap you. Please investigate this company to prevent them to fraud other small merchants like me. I am very nervous because I am sure they will try to withdraw money from my bank account. How they can charge $ 1,500 for "Liquidated Damages" when I have never received the completed form, never received the 3 machines and the bank has refused to lease because it was not readible and asked for new documents with my signature which I have not signed.

In this situation they can even not pretend that they were sending me the machines because the lease did not go through. I am sure there are other merchants trapped with them and not knowing what to do because the documents are misleading and the phone conversation is completely misrepresenting the truth. Thanks for your help if you have any recommendation. Is the best thing to do is close the account and open another account to prevent them to withdraw the 1,500 $ from my account?


I would laugh hard. Please post the replies after reading the main topic.

I dont know what is or who is vizex payments but it is scam but you guys have related it with tangarine merchants. Really funny






Elavon is totally upfront and legit. The problem is with some of their independent contractors.

Tangarine Merchant Services is a complete scam. I have used ELAVON for years in conjunction with COSTCO! Tangarine and others are owned by a company called Pivotal Payments. They are worse than the most unscrupulous used car salesman!!

They insinuated that they were going to reduce my rates and everything would remain the same with Elavon.

Within a week of signing up 4 seperate companies were taking funds out of my account. They promised me 2 cents for debit and 1.59% for credit card. Extra fees that they listed as "where applicable" were explained as "not applicable."

They charged me 15 cents per credit card transaction.

Another fee of .1 percent for batch header. They also charged 3 cents per swipe whether the card was accepted, declined or there was a network problem. Contract was changed after I signed it and they had the nerve to mail it back to me with the changes. The lease company on the machine was Lease Finance group who in addition to their $35 per month fee charged an additional loss waver fee of $7.90 per month.

I have barely dealt with them for a month and have already been notifed of a $100 annual fee for technology upgrades. It is a conflict of interest for Elavon to get involved yet they have helped me to go back with my original deal. Tangarine misrepresented themselves as calling on behalf of Elavon, but sold my debit processing to a company called Telus-Emergis and debit me fees for this through another of their companies called Pivotal Direct. Elavon has always paid me debit and credit in one lump sum, usually in less than 12-18 hours.

Recently one debit close took 5 days to get to me. Also my debit fees which averaged $7 per month with Elavon at 6 cents per incur a $20 minimum fee through Pivotal another charge they said was not applicable. My solution decided upon by me, my bank and Elavon is to immediately open a new bank account. If you do this, it is important to let Elavon know about the banking change because you risk losing being a merchant forever if credit card commissions are not paid.

I expect Tangarine/ Pivotal Payments to assess a cancellation fee, however Elavon has kindly put a note on my account to waive it! I expect that Tangarine will say this is not so!! If anyone calls you on behalf of anything to do with Elavon and you are already using them as a Costco Gold Member, hang up immediately and call Elavon directly. This is what I should have done!

Their people will tell you in no uncertain terms that no one gets a better deal than Costco. Keep in mind that Costco has an impeccable reputation and would not deal with a shady company. My terminal lease is so called "uncancellable" but in reality I signed this through Tangarine in good faith. Because they did not live up to any of their promises, I feel that everything in this contract was done in an underhanded manner and subsequently unenforcable.

They will probably try to ruin my personal credit but I have assurances from my banks that due to the sure volume of complaints concerning these wheeler dealers that nothing will disrupt the triple a credit rating I have after 35 years in business. I am ready to go to War and look forward to the time they go to debit my account and all they get back is an "ACCOUNT CLOSED" Notice. An analogy I like to use is this. When you buy a ticket to a hockey game it clearly states that they are not liable for injuries sustained in their facility.

If you suffer damage from getting a puck in the face, does this mean they are not liable! Of course it doesn't. Their lawyers will advise them to immediately settle out of court. Am I liable for a lease that was presented to me by a third party, who was completely dishonest and deceitful?

I think not!! Heh! I'm cancelling and thats the end of it!!

If you want to recover something from this fiasco, come get your terminal. I'm in the boondocks of Canada, Come Get Me Chicago!!!


I worked briefly with this company. I would have to guess that this positing is from a disgruntled employee and not necessarily that from an unsatisfied customer.

I've read through their and other providor's contracts and the services offered are basically no different than any other debit / credit card processing service provider.

They offer lower rates on your monthly expenses in exchange for long-term commitment. It is possible that their growth rate was not forecast effectively and therefore their services departments lacked the necessary resources to sustain this growth but I currently have no complaints and appreciate the lower monthly fees.


Targarine called me yesterday and mentioned to me what was above.. (good rate and stuff).

I was about to switch the company to them though. However, now that I read all the above. I am really confuse. Above mentioned that they are bad and late payments and stuff..

but it says they are "good" in their contracts.. so who not complain / go to small claim court to STOP them!


:) ;) ;) ;) ;) :( :( :upset :x :( :zzz :sigh :p ;) :) :) :)


You were reading a complaint about Tangerine Payments.

Filing a new complaint about

They are layer.. Don't believe TANGARINE anything They are layer, they are more expensive .. they don't pay on time... they don't accomplish with what

they offer... it is a real nightmare.. be smart don't do what we did.. quite obvious they only want your business.

to bad i am going to protests the to the consumer protection ...this can not be right.. they ***.. they laid and we have to accepted.

Now for more confusion i revd a letter that a Co. Pivotal Payments are taken over. It is no fear to deal with companies like this in our daily lifes


I understand your point here but it it quite obvious that it must have been written by pr-scam person. You have no idea how disrespectful these people can be and how badly we may react at the time.

Thinking of grammar is the last thing we think of. just to let the rest of the world know what bunch of scammers they are. Believe me, it helped me with my research and I thank her for posting it. Scammers seem to appear now under Vizex Payments.

Bunch of f-----g scam artist and that's all.

I have an idea for all working for those companies. Why don't you get the real job that you can feel good about yourselves.


I like the run on sentence. Makes everybody more credible when they can't use proper grammar to prove their point.

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